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In episode 63 of the Grover Norquist Show, ATR President Grover Norquist runs through the complete list of Hillary’s tax hikes: capital gains tax, death tax, and payroll tax just to name a few. Her tax hike plan will cost Americans over a trillion dollars, and hit middle class families the hardest.

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In Episode 62 of the Grover Norquist Show, ATR President Grover Norquist discusses the importance of the American people having a voice in the Presidential debates. Norquist is a part of the Open Debate Coalition, a bipartisan group that focuses on having questions asked in debates about topics the American people care about.

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House Republicans recently unveiled a bold tax reform package for 2017. Alex Hendrie of Americans for Tax Reform talks with conservative activist Grover Norquist about what this plan means for individual taxpayers and businesses. 

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Hillary Clinton's economic plan for the future is just a continuation of President Obama's failed economic policies. In his latest podcast, ATR President Grover Norquist analyzes the economic effects of Hillary's proposed trillion dollars in new taxes, her decision to backtrack on her middle-class tax pledge, and her plans to stifle sharing-economy stalwarts such as Uber and AirBnB. 

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Conservatives are currently battling efforts by misinformed senators to extend special-interest handouts to politically-connected green energy companies. Conservative activist Grover Norquist talks with Chrissy Harbin of Americans for Prosperity about ongoing efforts to eliminate these market distorting handouts. 

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Twelve counties in Kentucky have recently passed local right-to-work ordinances, giving over half-a-million workers in the Bluegrass State the freedom to opt out of union dues. 
Union bosses can't stand freedom or choice, however, and so are challenging the ordinances in federal court.  
In this episode of The Grover Norquist Show, guest-hosted by Matt Patterson of the Center for Worker Freedom (CWF), lead consul defending the counties  Jason Nemes stopped by to talk about the status of the case and the prospects for RTW elsewhere the state.
Mr. Nemes is also a candidate for the Kentucky legislature and took the opportunity while in Washington DC to stop by ATR and take the world-famous tax pledge.
Listen to the podcast here; watch Mr. Nemes speak at a CWF-sponsored town hall on RTW in Bowling Green, Kentucky here.


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Conservative activist Grover Norquist sits down with Kevin Kosar of the R Street Institute to discuss why opening Congressional Research Service reports to the public is a common sense proposal that will increase transparency giving taxpayers greater access to important information and enrich public knowledge.

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In this podcast, conservative activist Grover Norquist delves into the Obama economic recovery. Norquist examines exactly what went wrong and what we need to do to jum pstart the economy again.

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Conservative activist Grover Norquist talks about why liberals are focused on the wrong demographic trends in America. Grover explains the key demographic changes or new voting blocs are lifestyle issues like Vaping, Home Schooling, and Concealed Carry Permit Holders. Those are the growing members of the Leave Us Alone coalition and why Grover sees a future where a growing Center-Right majority in America is possible. 

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